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Our Journey Toward a Better World




invested to support animals and people who care for them


of all community investments supported COVID-19 relief


donated to care for animals impacted by disaster


donated to provide veterinary students with scholarships

Zoetis CEO Kristin Peck

Driven to Care

We are taking bold action to build a healthier future for animals, people and the planet. I invite you to see the progress we have made thanks to our dedicated colleagues who are instrumental in achieving our goals.

“The events of the past year have deepened our commitment to champion a healthier, more sustainable future.”


Supporting Communities Across the Globe

Shading represents where Zoetis provided support for communities during 2020. Hover or click on the countries in blue to learn more about efforts in that country.

Expanding access and providing support and relief Expanding access and providing support and relief
In China, Zoetis provided professional program support with over $400,000 invested in training for veterinarians and farmers. These programs provided skills-based support to further advance veterinarians and farmers in their profession. In Italy, Zoetis provided COVID-19 relief by donating over $5,000 to the Italian Red Cross. Zoetis Italy also donated technical equipment and PPE to the Cremona Hospital. The hospital is located in one of the regions that was highly impacted by COVID-19 when the outbreak first began. In South Africa, Zoetis treated animals in-need through disaster relief. Product donations were provided to over 450 veterinary clinics and animal shelters experiencing hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoetis South Africa donated over $400,000 of product to help animals in-need throughout the year. In Australia, Zoetis supported veterinary mental wellness with over $75,000 donated to Beyond Blue, a nonprofit focused on mental health and wellbeing. Over the last four years, Zoetis Australia has supported the organization’s efforts to reach Australian farmers and veterinarians who are vulnerable to mental health challenges as a result of rural isolation. In Brazil, Zoetis supported the human animal bond by working with Patas Therapeutas, an NGO that partners with volunteers to visit hospitals, clinics, and homes for the elderly with pets. Zoetis Brazil’s support helped those in need experience the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of spending time with animals. In the United States, Zoetis worked with local food banks to offer support in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoetis funded the purchase of 17 cold storage units through a $50,000 donation to The Dairy Alliance and Midwest Dairy, allowing recipient food banks to serve an estimated 20,000 people each month. Zoetis also ensured food banks were able to stock up on food and supplies through a $25,000 donation to Feeding America. In Canada, Zoetis expanded vet care access to pet owners in-need with product donations to the University of Montreal’s Homeless Youth Program. The program offers medical care to the animals of local homeless youth. 1 2

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